Why is my smartwatch data not uploading?


  • Smartwatch is recognized by SurroSenseRx Link but shows "No Data Available"


To upload data from your smartwatch, your device must be disconnected.

  1. Make sure the smartwatch is not connected to the shoe pods. A green flashing light on the shoe pod indicates there is still a connection
    • To disconnect, remove feet from shoes and wait 16 minutes. If the smartwatch still remains connected, remove any insoles or orthotics from the shoe.
    • If the shoe pods are still flashing green, take the Orpyx inserts out of the shoes and lay them flat
  2. Connect the smartwatch to the computer using the USB charging clip USB. Plug the smartwatch into the clip first, and then attach to the computer. A window should appear to launch SurroSenseRx Link
  3. Press the “Sync Data” button to upload any data from the smartwatch.
    • If there is no data available, the watch may not have been connected. Wear the system for a minimum of 1 hour and attempt to upload data again.
    • Is there data available?
      • If yes, sync the smartwatch
      • If no, please contact Orpyx Customer Care

Article Created: August 12, 2014

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