How do I fit my inserts?

Check to see that you have the correct size of insert for your shoe.  Refer to the Orpyx Insert Sizing Guide to double check that your size is right

The inserts fit inside your running or walking shoe, underneath the insole or orthotic. To install, unlace
the shoe-laces, fold back the tongue and remove the existing insole from your shoe. Peel the paper backing off the double sided tape and place the appropriate left or right Orpyx SurroSense Rx insert into the shoe. If the insert is used in multiple shoes, the double sided tape may need to be re-applied. The insert should lay flat on the bottom of the shoe without bunching, creasing, moving or curving up the sides. The lead should run along the instep of the shoe, up and over the shoe tongue. When in place, your shoe insole can be put back into the shoe on top of the Orpyx SurroSense Rx insert – the insert should not bend or shift during this step.

Note: The Orpyx SurroSense Rx inserts should not be placed under insoles that have hard plastic on their undersurfaces, or used outside of the shoe. The inserts are designed to be used in-shoe only.

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