How do I connect my shoe pod(s)?


  • Unable to connect 1 or both shoe pods
  • Foot map screen shows one or both feet as black with white outline
  • Foot map screen shows a red slash beside one or both feet
  • "Connection Error" shows below two feet on foot map


  1. Put your shoes on (with the inserts and shoe pods)
  2. Make sure you see a flashing green light on both shoe pods when you are standing in your shoes
    • If there is no green light on the shoe pod, fully charge the shoe pod and try again
  3. If there are green lights on both shoe pods, wake up the smartwatch and press the 'Connect' button in the bottom right corner of the foot map screen
    • It may take up to 90 seconds to connect
  4. If "Successfully Connected" appears on the smartwatch, go to the Foot map screen and make sure both feet are connected (filled in white)
  5. If the shoe pod(s) will still not connect, plug the disconnected shoe pod into the USB charging cable and wall adapter for 10 seconds
  6. When you unplug the shoe pod, do you see a red and green light flash together?
    • If yes, try to connect again
    • If no, contact Orpyx Customer Care

Article Created: August 7, 2014

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