Why is my smartwatch not alerting?


  • No high pressure alerts are received


  1. Are all device components fully charged? The smartwatch and both shoe pods will need to be charged regularly
  2. Ensure that both shoe pods are successfully connected to the smartwatch
  3. Check to see if the smartwatch alert mode is set to vibrate only - you may not be hearing the alerts you are receiving
    • Wake up the smartwatch by pressing the top left side button
    • Press the Menu button
    • Press the Setup button
    • Press the Alert button
    • Change the alert mode to "Vibrate and Beep" and then press "OK"
  4. After wearing the device for 15 minutes with pressure (not sitting), you will see some regions of the foot map colored dark blue
    • If the foot map continues to appear all white, contact Orpyx Customer Care
    • If the foot map changes to dark blue for any region, everything is okay.

Article Created: August 7, 2014

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