What should I do when I receive the "Error Contact Customer Care" message?


  • "Error Contact Customer Care" appears on smartwatch screen
  • Shoe pod(s) show red light flashing brightly and rapidly when not connected to USB cable


  1. Press the 'Dismiss' button on the smartwatch to dismiss the error message
  2. Plug the shoe pod into the USB cable and wall adapter. Wait 30 seconds, then unplug the shoe pod (you will see a red and green light blink together to indicate the reset)
    • If your shoe pod does not reset on the first try, continue plugging and unplugging until you see the red and green lights flash
  3. Once the device has been reset, wear the system as you normally would
  4. If you receive the error message again, please contact Orpyx Customer Care

Article Created: November 27, 2014

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