How do I connect my Orpyx LogR system for the first time?

When you launch the Orpyx LogR app for the first time, you will be prompted to set up your device. You can set up your device by following the instructions below:

  1. Reset your system by plugging the shoe pods in to a USB charging cable – you will see the red and green light flash together quickly, followed by a solid red light. Once the shoe pod shows solid green or flashing red, unplug the shoe pods
  2. Launch the Orpyx LogR app and swipe right to access the configuration screen, then press Setup Devices.
  3. Select the appropriate right and left shoe pods using the number found on the shoe pod. To select a shoe pod on the app, touch the foot icon so that it highlights in blue. Note: Data can not be collected from multiple pairs of inserts. The Orpyx LogR app can only connect and collect data from a single left and right insert at a time, either as a pair (left and right) or separately (left or right).
  4. The shoe pod name can be changed by selecting the shoe pod row and entering your device name.
  5. Press Connect in the top right corner to connect the shoe pods you have selected.
  6. Once connected, swipe left to return to the footmap screen. Here, you will see the battery levels of connected each pod, and the New Session button will be enabled.
  7. To test that the connection is working, exert pressure on the inserts, and the foot map screen will show green dots where pressure is detected.
  8. Press the New Session button. You will be required to enter your activity information, including the activity type and a brief description.
  9. Press the Start button to begin logging data.

Note: Repeat steps 1-7 to connect other devices.

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